So Tell Me...

Ok, instead of asking in communities, cause i always feel weird, I'm going to ask my friends ^^

Since most of you are Gazette fans I figured some of you might be Alice Nine fans. I've been slowly getting into them for awhile now, but recently I've been obsessed. I'm at the point that I want to learn all I can. So heres my question, where can I find like interview translations and anyone want to recommend their favorite songs? I'm a huge ToraxShou fan, lol. Coral and I want to do an epic RP with them so I have to learn things.

Also, I'm curious, for everyone going to Tokyo Dome, what songs are you excited about hearing? I mean I know we all will be happy with no matter what they play, but you know you have certain songs in the back of your head you're hoping for. With it being Tokyo Dome, nothing is off limits!

I'm lame because I'm so freakin excited about doing the head banging thing during Filth in the Beauty. Ha. I do it along to the DVDs all the time, so Im looking forward to actually be doing it live with them!!!

Sugar Pain. That would be Epic.

I'm definitely excited for whatever old songs they play.
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When You Take Something That Isn't Free Its Called Stealing

Ok so since there's been FC stuff going on, Coral, Tiara and I have been ranting and raving about the drama surrounding it. I'll save everyone from a repeat of my last rant and just get to the point since i'm sure most people now know my stance on this issue.

Coral and I came up with a perfect analogy of what these fans who want FC stuff for free sound like to us.

Ok now anyone who really knows me knows i'm a HUGE Hello Kitty fan. I have a shit load of things that have her face on them, including the toaster that toasts her face on bread.

So I go into a Sanrio store and I see the new Dr Martin boots they're selling with Hello Kitty on them. Omg I so want them, but once I look at the price tag I think, yeah not for that price, so not worth it. But then I think, Wait, I love Hello Kitty, I have so much other stuff with Hello Kitty on it. I support the brand in other ways so basically I'm entitled to these boots! Even though I don't have the money for them I find my size and head for the door. These boots are mine!

But once I get to the door, someone stops me. "You have to pay for those" How do I reply?

Well I of course give them my whole life story as to why I can't afford these boots "I have to go to school. And i work for minimum wage at a crappy ass job. You don't understand! I can't afford these boots but i still want them!! I need them!!"

His reply? "I don't care. IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD THEM YOU DON'T GET THEM"

My Reply? "I don't understand why you're getting all dramatic about this. I mean these boots arent even worth it. Its not a big a deal if I just walk out with these. Who cares? They aren't worth the price tag"

His reply? "If they aren't worth it then why are you trying to steal them?"

Stealing from a band you claim to love. How sad.
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Love should be the worlds middle name

Ok so I just finished watching my favorite show ever and my biggest guilty pleasure, The Real Housewives of New Jersey. It was the last part of the Reunion and dear god it was good! Tiara and I were freaking out like lame ass girls while Coral sat there wondering what the hell she was watching, good times.

I got really excited today watching Degrassi (Another guilty pleasure) because Riley and Zane are too freakin cute. I live for gay boys. I'm made of gay boys. I wish i was a gay boy. A very cute little gay boy that could kiss and be with other cute gay boys, ha. I love them.

I should be listening to Gazette and Sadie, so i'm all prepared to sing along to any song they throw at us, but I'm new obsession is Deluhi. I freakin love this band! They are so amazingly talented and not to mention cute! I'm already planning on picking up some CDs from them in Japan. ^^

Today, Tiara, Coral, and I enjoyed Labor Day (Happy Labor Day!! ^^ ) with my parents. We talked about Japan, which is always a great conversation with my father who not only insists Japan doesn't have toilets, but that Japanese, Chinese, and Korean are all the same, lmao!

But with that aside, I showed him pictures of Gazette and Sadie. I showed him a particular picture of Mao (the new profile pic) and he said "That cant be a boy. I'd totally do that"

I turned to Tiara and said "See!? Its in my genes to love Mao!" Lol

Though once I showed him more pictures he took back what he said, basically saying that "boy" Mao was ugly ;__;

But I then got smart and showed him a picture of one of the sexiest people i know: URUHA!

"Oh now that...." ::nods:: He said with a big smile. Yup, Uruha is every man's dream, even my dad. Lmao!

Needless to say that conversation made my night, maybe even my life.

My dad is giving us the money for the plane tickets this friday!!!!!! Soon!! Sooooo soon!!
Now for those damn Gazette tickets! >_<

Hope everyone had a great holiday and for those not in America hope you had a great day regardless!!
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I Love Today!!

Gazette PV preview AND Sadie PV preview!!! Awesome!!

Both bands i'm seeing in December!!! So excited!!

Especially since I got my Sadie tickets in the mail today!!! I can't believe I won and I'm happy i got them already. Numbers B 1,2, and 3. Which i guess is pretty good. I'm new at this whole number thing, but I don't care. I just want to be there so I have my tickets so all is good.

Except I'm still holding my breath for the Gazette ones. They should be announcing those soon so i have my fingers crossed. I'm hoping Mao's big head didn't suck all the luck from me, leaving none left for Gazette, lol.

Travel arrangements so far are going well. Hotel is already booked and we're close to booking the plane tickets. Hopefully next week. ^^

I got my passport which I'm so excited to have! I always wanted to travel and I'm happy Japan is my first taste of it.

I've been researching the subway system and places to visit. I think I actually figured out the metro which in the end really isnt too hard. The hard part is if theres no English, but since I'm used to Japanese and know a bit of it, I don't for see a big problem.

We're probably gonna go visit Harajuku, Shinjuku, Akihabara, Ikebukuro, and possibly Odaiba, and just walk around. There are some shops I totally want to check out like Closet Child, Like an Edison, Book Off. Tiara wants to check out the Sony building which should be fun!

I plan on coming back with lots of Jrock stuff, ha. And maybe clothes. Tiara wants to find lots of Yaoi things, especially Junjou Romantica. And Coral wants to eat sushi...lots and lots of sushi lol.

Oh and I have to hunt down a Yoshiki kitty! Coral said she'd buy me one for Christmas so now i need it! lmao!

I'm so excited about being there for the holidays! I know its going to be a blast and I'm not going to want to leave. But hopefully after this experience we can go back more frequently!!

Have to go to work now. Only a four hour shift!! Yay!! <3
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What they don't know can't hurt them

Disgusting. Utterly Disgusting.

I wonder how Gazette would feel to know they have a load of fake fans, who only give a shit about themselves.

"What they don't know can't hurt them"

Are you fucking kidding me? Thats how you justify yourself? And you call yourself a Gazette fan?


You bitch about people breaking your own rules. Everyone cheers for banning the girl that broke them, but no one cares that the entire community is breaking Heresy's rules, the Ultimate reason Aoi was upset.

No one wants to give up their precious FREE FC pics despite the fact that Aoi wasn't too happy about it.


Doesn't anyone know the saying "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?"

Why would anyone pay money for something that they get for free? Sharing these pictures is doing nothing but hurting the Gazette, which now is even more obvious by Aoi's reaction.

But again, no one cares.

You know why?

Because what they don't know can't hurt them.

It makes me sick.

Like fucking sheep.

Selfish fucking sheep.
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Right after posting my last entry, I went to check my email and there, finally, was an email from Muku!


I literally burst out into tears. Tears i've been holding in for so long.

This was EXACTLY what i needed.

He sent me a picture of my ID Card and the envelope it came in. IT HAS MY NAME ON IT!!

This means so much to me. I really needed this.

I can't stop crying.

::hugs Sadie forever::

I Took The Better Path.

I did it.
I finally did it
I wrote instead of hurting myself.
And, I actually feel better.
This isn't a fanfic.
There are no jrockers in it.
Just two characters I actually created to help me express myself
Perhaps I'm on to something.
If not at least I might have found a true outlet.
Collapse )

Eternal Bliss is Far Away, Too Far to See and too Far to Reach.

Theres lots to say, but i'm not sure if i want to say any of it, or at least any of the interesting stuff...although is anything i say very interesting? Well i guess if i find it interesting then it doesn't really matter what you think ne? That's what i thought.

I spent most of my money from Christmas already. The funny part? Well theres a few funny parts.
Funny Part 1: I spent it mostly on Jrock when i told myself i wouldnt...I'm too weak and slightly insane.
Funny Part 2: I still want more.

So what did i get in the realm of Jrock candy drugs?
What i already got
The Gazette Decomposition DVD
Phantasmagoria Reincarnation DVD
Kera Magazine November Issue
Cure Magazine #51 (Tis had Mao interview in it with english translation ^_^ )

What I'm waiting to be shipped and be devoured by my grabby hands like the above victims
The Gazette Nameless Liberty Six Guns DVD
Phantasmagoria Cure DVD
Phantasmagoria Creatures of Imagination DVD
Vinyl Syndicate Magazine (Tis has Sadie in it. I had to get it even though i think its balls that you don't get it for free anymore >.< )
And the best thing ever...

Phantasmagoria Eclipse of Myth DVD!!!

i just hope it's what i want, which i'm sure it is, but im still going to worry until it's in my hands and has my tears of joy smeared all over it. 

As for the things i still want that basically has to do with Sadie because i've lost it completely over this band and these titles are getting ridiculously and obnoxiously long
Feb Issue of Cure magazine
Fools Mate Express Vol. 2
Phantasmagoria Crystal Final DVD
And a lot of other stuff i cant remember or am too lazy too list, mostly lots of magazines

I'm thinking of possibly just getting some subscriptions since i have a job and all. I guess we'll see if its worth it ne?

Honestly i'm freakin about working, but my main motivation is so that i have money to physically throw at Jrockers. Which symbolically is what i'm's a great visual. 

Anyway, i guess if anyone actually asks me "Hey what did you do during winter vacation?"
I'll answer with a simple "Jrock" which makes me sound like i had sex with jrock, actually i might have.
Anyway thats not the point. THE POINT is that i discovered so much more about Jrock this vacation. 

Let's see of course i discovered my beautiful Mao baby and the amazing band that is Sadie whom i adore completely now. I also became a big fan of SUG, Takeru is my cuddly shnoopykins. I'm starting to like Kuroyume and i think Kiyoharu. His voice is EXTREMELY addicting (DAMN YOU BEAMS!! DAMN YOU!!)) I'm also getting into Girugamesh, perhaps one day i will be able to say there name right even though its not that hard. Vidoll, i like Vidoll, well more like i like Rame and Jui, but mostly Rame. I ADORE Rame. I want to adopt him as my little sister or something. I'm still working on liking their music. I havent really listened to much yet. 

OH! I almost forgot 12012. Yeah i'm fallling in love with the members especially Wataru. I like men that can be cute while choking bitches out lol. Just kidding, i do really like him and i do like what music i've heard from them.

Who else? Uhhh i think that might be it. Although im starting to venture into other fandoms, mainly because even if i dont like certain bands i still want to be familiar with everything. It's an obsession. 

I'm just happy the obsession and knowledge is growing. And my list of band is growing also! YAY!

Also with my money i bought a few books from my favorite author Francesca Lia Block. One of them being Wasteland. 

I owe my life it that book. It opened so much up for me. Instantly my creative was back in ful charge and i feel so refreshed! It was exactly what i need and i'm so greatful. I cant wait to read the other two i have and GET MORE! Yay for working at a book store!!!

But seriously i'm so proud of what i'm writing. It's a great feeling.

I read the Mao interview today and completely freaked out...


ok so he didnt flat out so Kyo's name, but it was one of those things where you knew! YOU KNEW! He was talking about Kyo. It made me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy! The whole interview did. 

I adore my Mao. I honestly truly really do. ::hugs cuddles Mao::

Ok imma sleep and dream about Kyo and Mao sitting in a booth together sipping tea and being cute little fluffy blonds!

Teh Peep! ^_^

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